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Weddings at Lyn & Louise

Impressive New Beginning

Lyn & Louise is a premier wedding catering service that offers the perfect blend of delicious cuisine and impeccable service. From rehearsal dinners to pre-ceremony spreads and grazing tables for bridal and groom parties, to an impressive selection of starters, main courses, desserts, and late-night appetizers, Lyn & Louise ensures your wedding will be a truly memorable day.

Wedding Ceremony Stage
Wedding Reception


Lyn & Louise offers delicious and visually appealing culinary presentations that will wow your guests at your wedding. Our experienced team can create special grazing spreads, beautifully presented cocktail platters, delectable starters, and a variety of tea and coffee options for your special day. We can also provide late night snacks to keep the party going well into the night.


Menu Choices

Our wedding catering features a wide range of menu choices, from classic American to exotic Asian and European dishes, Italian favorites, Mexican specialties, Spanish tapas, and even fusion and experimental dishes. We also offer seasonal dishes, so you can be sure your menu will always feature the freshest ingredients.

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