About Lyn & Louise

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My love for food was developed from a very early age. I remember certain dishes my mom cooked for us as we sat around the dinner table. We were not the family whose parents brought home fast food. We never went by McDonald’s like many of my other friends. We didn’t have white bread, bologna, sugary cereals or cakes and brownies sitting around. When we were hungry, we had to wait for mom to fix a balanced meal.

I remember meals like fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green beans. Eggs and bacon for breakfast and homemade burgers. My dad loved to grill over charcoal and the water smoker and mom was a magician in the kitchen. I didn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.

And it nurtured a love for whole foods, cooked in the kitchen around family and friends. So ingrained in me is a passion for food, I say I LIVE TO EAT not, eat to live. It also created in me a passion for ingredients, knowledge of produced or manufactured foods and to educate and help others so they can live a healthier life with little to no illness and disease.

I realized that when I began meal prepping for people that while that service is needed, that if I or someone else wasn’t cooking the healthy meals for them, some would resort to convenient unhealthy options. Some either didn’t have the knowledge to prepare healthy whole meals for their families or they didn’t have the time...so Lyn & Louise was birthed. Lyn is my middle name and Louise is my mom's middle name, together, with her inspiration even though she's no longer with me, I carry on her legacy of healthy eating.

Because my love for food doesn't just revolve around me but others also, I have indulged myself in the hospitality and fellowship of cooking on site for private chef occasions and catering for small and large weddings and parties. 

For those who don’t have the time, my service provides healthy options to feel good about. For those people who would like to learn how to provide healthy options for themselves and their families, I offer the training and accountability. I had to offer this, because just like me, healthy cooking is learned just like language. It has to be passed down, taught and nurtured. If you didn’t get that in your home, I would love to encourage you to get it now. Give your family and friends and yourself the gift of healthy eating and be encouraged to pass it down to the next generation. It is time to end the epidemic of obesity and all of its related problems. Time to get out of ignorance and denial and start feeling better and teaching our next generation to take control of their health as well. 

I promise you, fast food restaurants do not care about your health. They are providing convenience for a moment. But you will be stuck with the very expensive and devastating results years later.

Take the journey of educating yourself and passing down the best gift you can give -- health and wellness through food.