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As of April 27, 2022 we are serving Family Sized Meals only. 
Menu updated Wednesdays by noon. Orders due by noon on Fridays.


Thoughtfully & Carefully Sourced Ingredients.

Still same quality, local farmer sourced and organic ingredients where ever possible.

All chicken is pasture raised sourced from local farmers
All beef & pork is grass fed sourced from local farmers
Approx 75% of the produce used is organic sourced from local farmers.
All fish is wild caught or responsibly farm raised. I try and source from local fishermen who fish the gulf whenever possible.

All Family sized meals come in an 18x13 disposable aluminum container with a lid.
Chef reserves the right to substitute based on availability or quality.



 Purely Clean Cooking

 We insist on purity in every aspect of the foods we prepare for your family and guests.  Non-GMO, No MSG, Low Sodium, No Refined Sugars, No Preservatives are standard in most meals.  Since we take this clean approach most foods can be made for specialized diets like Keto, Gluten Free, Paleo, Whole 30, Doctor Recommended Diets, Auto Immune Protocol and more.


Passionate Experimentation

Gathering for a wholesome meal is a time of family, friends, & fellowship.  Foods are part of our history...Our traditions, our cultures, our memories.  For groups of 50 or less people we are available to cater your important events: weddings, birthday celebrations, reunions and more.  Lyn & Louise constantly strives to introduce foods that honor multi-cultural family traditions.